Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Huckelberry Pie
From: (Nick Nicholas)
Date: 1991-05-21, 23:04

brian@hplvec.LVLD.HP.COM (Brian Wood) writes:
> >It's a strange world we live in.  A strange world.  A show that's
> >dead in the US is loved by the rest of the world.

Um... not so fast, mate. Last week in Melbourne, TP was outrated by In The
Heat Of The Night and a local soapie. I'm told TP is doing better in the rest
of the nation.

> >Do you find out who killed the girlie?  Depends.  Yes, the human 
> >responsible for performing the deed is revealed.  

Yeah? Well I still reckon Ben Horne did it. You've only got Bob's word for it 
that Leland was used.

I hate to say this, but after so much fuss on the Death of Maddie episode, the
actual... er, kill was sorta tame. Leland hugging the bleeding Maddie was much
sicker than smashing her face against a picture (NOT Laura's picture!) The 
traincar episode, too, was much scarier. I suspect the only reason anyone
took that much exception to Maddie's death was that it was on during the much-
advertised WKLP episode, when many more people were watching than in 2001.

Is the drastic fall in TP quality you all keep whingeing about after the WKLP
episode? With a couple of grey patches (most boringly 1005), TP has been con-
sistently excellent, methinks.

Donna was crying for Harold at the Roadhouse while Maddie was being dispatched,
eh? (Note: Interesting how Lynch allows our attention to wander while the deed 
is done, picking up at other subplots. I guess his overriding interest was never
WKLP, which is of course fair.) Good. Serves her right, the shmuck. James is a
toad, whereas Harold was so dreamy - even while carving up his cheeks with a
gardening tool %^)

I'm sorry to sound so silly; on the other hand, I think it only fair that, at
this stage, this newsgroup go for a bit of Memory Lane - it'll help us non-

Shouldn't someone conduct a poll of which episode was the worst, rather than
the best? How about I do it? OK: Send the episode number of the episode you
liked the least (see your local TP timeline) to

Um... bye.

Nick Nicholas, Elec Eng and Compsci, Melbourne Uni, Australia.
			"(new shoes)" 			- Leo Johnston.