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Subject: Schizophrenia vs. Multiple Personalities (Was Re: Use of the supernatural in TP)
From: (Guff)
Date: 1991-05-21, 12:05

In article <> writes:
     [Stuff about Australian LP-killer revelaed episode and
      supernatural references in TP deleted]

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> >I think that TWO schitzophrenics (The One-armed-man and Leyland Palmer)
> >is a bit hard to swallow, and I find it hard to beleive that an FBI agent
> >would base his investigations on dreams after being shot or the testimony
> >of a recluse who talks to logs.
> >
     [Lots and lots of stuff about writing of TP and questions 
      needing to be answered in TP during second season in Australia

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This is the second time today that one of my pet peeves has been violated,
and what really ticks me off is that the same pet peeve was violated in
each case!!

Schizophrenia (note the spelling) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
are **NOT**, I repeat, **NOT**, the same thing!!!!!!!!!  In fact, they are
virtually unrelated psychopathologies!

Basic symptoms of schizophrenia include (but are not limited to) delusions,
hallucinations, movement disorders (e.g. lots of motion, no motion),
motivational deficits, autism, lack of social skills, etc.

MPD is when a person has two or more different personalities that talk,
write, think, etc, differently.  They may, or  may not, be aware of the
other personalities (usually not).

Sorry to flame on, but this is one of the few things I expect my Intro. to
Psychology students to remember at the end of the semester.  I absolutely
hate it when people mis-refer to these disorders!!  If you want to read
a good book on MPD, read "Sybil" (the author's name escapes me)--or see
the movie of the same name starring Sally Field.  This person/character
has MPD, and is **NOT** schizophrenic!


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