Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: What A Drag!
From: (Daniel J|nsson)
Date: 1991-05-21, 00:40

Hello Tweakers!

A while ago I posted the original schedule of episodes to be shown
here in Sweden. If unchanged, the last episode would have been shown
on June 3rd, but now the inevitable has happend: yesterday 2020 was
run, and afterwards the message was that 2021 is going to be on
June 17th. I had anticipated this, it wouldn't have been very likely
that it would be released here before you americans had seen it. 
What about you danes and norweigans? I suppose you will have the same
I come from the southernmost province(Skaane) of Sweden, and we are
able to recieve danish television. The show is broadcasted there on
Thursdays, so 2021 would be shown the day after tomorrow, May 23rd,
if no break in the schedule has occured.
Too much to wish for...

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