Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: The Best
From: (Ken Saintjohn)
Date: 1991-05-22, 23:13

 Daniel Pedersen writes:
> >I just hope that the June 10 episode doesn't turn into a scrambling effort to
> >tie up loose ends and force a solution.  IMO, this is what happened in the
> >episode in which Leland dies.  There were very few redeeming moments in that
> >episode, even though the pace was quick.
Gee Daniel I could not _possibly_ disagree with you more! :) I thought
this particular episode was perhaps the best TV I have ever viewed.
The part when Cooper was holding a dieing Leland talking him into the next
world as the fire sprinklers were going off (washing away Leland's
sins?) still stuns me every time I see it!  :-D
                                 Ken SaintJohn      O:)