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Subject: Re: TP in UK
From: dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM (Keith Dawson)
Date: 1991-05-23, 09:39
Reply-to: dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM

In article <>, (Michael R Hart) writes:
> > How many more episodes of TP can we look forward to here in the UK?
> > We have just had the episode where Coop etc. find the Owl-like symbol
> > in Owl Cave. Also Coop finds himself romantically involved with Norma's
> > sister.

That was episode #2018. We in USA have seen two beyond that, to #2020. The
season (and series) finale will be shown here on June 10 as a double bill,
#2021 and #2022. That's all she wrote.

> > Presumably there aren't many more episodes left before we hit the
> > hiatus that you people in the states are experiencing.

You won't necessarily have a hiatus. Based on recent postings from various
Scandanavian countries, Europe and USA will end up just about even. You've
started later, and we're having an extended hiatus. 

The show has definitely been dropped by the ABC network over here. Unless
Lynch & Frost pull one very big rabbit (owl??) out of a hat, thirty episodes
is all the Twin Peaks this world will ever see.

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