Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks censored in the UK?
From: (Jeff Dalton)
Date: 1991-05-23, 12:02
Reply-to: jeff@aiai.UUCP (Jeff Dalton)

(For those in countries other than the US or the UK, there may
be some spoilers here.)

The most recent episode broadcast in the UK was missing about 20
seconds that was in the US version.  (I know this because I have both
on tape and was able to compare.)

For those in other countries, it is the episode in which the Sheriff
is attacked by Miss Jones (or whatever her name is), and the 20
seconds are taken out of their struggle.

The BBC was recently taken to task by the Broadcasting Standards
folks for the scene in which Maddy was killed.  It may be that they
are trying to avoid further trouble.

On a somewhat related point, I saw the episode in which Leland dies
in both the US and the UK and I remember something right at the end
in the US version that made it seem Leland might still be alive.
Is this just faulty memory on my part?  If not, can anyone supply

-- jd