Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Cribsheet to TP Resources, 7th Edition
From: dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM (Keith Dawson)
Date: 1991-05-28, 05:42
Reply-to: dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM

[28may91] Here are three lists: 

  - (L) the names and net addresses of those who maintain and publish to various compilations and lists of TP factoids,
#    useful to the truly obsessed, the gifted, and the damned

  - (R) a guide to other TP goodies, available outside this newsgroup, the
    existence of which has been posted here

  - (S) the addresses of ABC, the Twin Peaks production company, and others
#    to whom you can write in a probably vain effort to save (or resurrect)

Changes and new listings are marked by #. Please send me any corrections
or additions.

There is an anonymous FTP site for much of the material in list (L), and
some of the material in list (R), thanks to Peter Asenstorfer at the
University of South Australia ( The site is: []   directory  /pub/twin-peaks 

Items currently in this archive are marked below by "ftp" in the margin.

# In response to lots of questions, I include below a pocket tutorial on
# how to use anonymous FTP:
# Start up FTP and at its prompt ("ftp>") say "open" . If you
# connect successfully you'll be asked for name and password. For name say
# "anonymous" and for password use your net address, e.g. I would type
# "dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM" .
# Now, say "cd /pub/twin-peaks" . FTP has help (for most implementations you
# type "?" or "h"), but the commands you need are these:
#  ls          brief listing
#  ls -l       long listing
#  cd          change directory on the remote machine
#  lcd         change directory on your local machine
#  get   copy a remote file  to the current directory on
#               your local disk
#  binary      need to say this for other than text files (FTP responds,
#               mysteriously, "Mode set to I")
#  quit        close connection and exit
# That's it, enjoy. The large world of anonymous FTP is now open to you.

Keith Dawson       voice=508-670-4025    fax=508-670-4033
Atex Advanced Publishing Sys., 165 Lexington Rd. (400/165L), Billerica, MA 01821
#                      ^
#                      |
#                      +== note new net address

Lists and Compilations

The following lists are updated periodically and reposted to
by their owners.

L1. Annotated timeline for TP episodes broadcast to date --
ftp Edwin Nomura,
#    (150 K)
#    (Complete through episode #2020.)

#ftp Keith Dawson, dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM
#    (Formatted for MS Word v4.0, both Macintosh and DOS/Windows)
#    (118 K) Macintosh
#    (186 K) DOS/Windows
#    (Complete through episode #2020.)

L2. TP cast to date --
ftp David Ernest Coufal, 
    (10 K)

L3. Credits for each episode --
ftp David Ernest Coufal, 
    ( > 82 K)

L4. Answers to frequently asked questions --
ftp Janet M. Swisher,
#   (16 K)
   (4 K) -- no-spoilers version

L5. Compilation of favorite quotes --
ftp Charles D. Kincaid,
#    (13 K)
ftp (Final Rob Jellinghaus  edition published 2/14/91.)
    (37 K)

L6. Cribsheet to TP resources --
ftp Keith Dawson, dawson@Atex.Kodak.COM
#    (9 K)

L7. Symbols/motifs in the Twin Peaks Universe --
ftp Jeffrey Koga,
#    (8 K)

L8. Oeuvres of TP contributors
    David Ernest Coufal, 
ftp  writers          (6 K)
ftp  directors        (5 K)
#ftp  actors/actresses (58 K)
    (all movies/books each artist has been associated with)

Other TP Resources

The following goodies were either announced at least once on
by the given poster, or sent to me for inclusion in this list.

R1 deleted -- obsolete FTP site for GIF files at U. of Michigan.

R2. Catalog of TP goodies (books, tee shirts, cassettes, etc.) --
    Twin Peaks Press, Box 129, Vancouver, WA  98666; (800) 637-2256
    (send $1.00)
    Posted by Kay Stanley,

R3. Mac disk filled with TP sounds --
ftp Doug Dulmage, ddulmage@cdp.uucp 
    (in the directory MAC-sounds in the ftp archive)

R4. Postcard from Twin Peaks (actually Snoquamalie) --
    Laurie Kleiner, 815 35th Avenue, Seattle, WA  98122-5205
    (send a postcard of your hometown)

R5. ~9 MB of MacRecorder TP sounds (through #2013, 1/19) --
ftp "Sam Hill Cabal,"
    (in the directory MAC-sounds in the ftp archive)
#    (Peter Asenstorfer has updated these Mac sounds so that they can be
#     played on a Sun Sparc. Here is an excerpt from his mail:
#  I've just finished converting the MAC sounds in the archive to Sun uLAW 
#  format. This means those fortunate enough to have SparcStations on our 
#  dsek can listen to the sounds as well :-)... (The conversion was quick 
#  and dirty - all I did was comments to the sounds, so I'm not very proud
#  of it.)

R6. Twin Peaks Gazette --
    P.O. Box 1804, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

R7. Full text of Jan. 26 hoax threads
ftp posted by Edward Vielmetti, (
   Collected and perpetrated by R o d Johnson

R8. Transcript of second-season TP press kit --
ftp Dave Coufal,

R9. Article "Appreciating"
ftp Fiona Oceanstar,
    (10 K)
    (published in "Twin Peaks Gazette," March 1991)

R10: Book: TWIN PEAKS Behind The Scenes
     An Unofficial Visitors Guide to Twin Peaks
     by Mark Altman (c) 1990 Pioneer Books
     ISBN #1-55698-284-4
     $14.95/$19.95 Canada
     145 pages, 8.5"x11" paperbound

R11. Twin Peaks trading cards
     (I kid you not! -- ed.)
     Posted by Gordon Shephard, 
     Send $19.95 plus $3.00 postage and handling to Star Pics, P.O. Box
     2573, Farmington Hills, MI 48333. Or Call 1-800-741-4131 to order
     with VISA or MasterCard. Michigan residents add 4% sales tax.
     [and Canadians 7% Gst I suppose. Sigh]

#    If the 800 number is busy, try 1-313-851-7427.
#    Posted by Gordon Shepphard,

#R12. Survey on computer use among readers of
#ftp  David L. Claytor,
#     (Includes net addresses of 122 frequent posters. -- ed.)

Save TP Resources

The following addresses, phone numbers, and other resources will prove useful
to those who want to write letters or otherwise express their opinions on
the hiatus / cancellation of TP, or to attempt to find a new home for the

During the hiatus Lynch and Frost encouraged a letter-writing campaign to
Robert Iger (see S1). Now that the show has been cancelled I don't know what
#the creators intend to do (or want us to do).

See item S7 below, the COOP campaign headquarters, for access to letterhead
and so forth. COOP periodically posts notices of "direct action" of various
sorts, such as campaigns of leverage on particular sponsors.

S1. Address of ABC President in charge of TP --
    Robert Iger - Entertainment President
    2040 Avenue of the Stars
    Century City, CA 90067
    Fax: 213-557-7160

S2. Address of TP production company --
    "Twin Peaks," Lynch-Frost Productions
    World Vision, 7700 Balboa Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406

S3. ABC Phone numbers for programming comments --
    New York      212-456-7477  (Network Programming)
    Los Angeles   213-557-7777  (General Information)

#S4. deleted -- address for Billboard Magazine save-TP effort

S5. Address of "the right person" in Fox Network --
    Peter Chernin, President, Fox Entertainment Group
    10201 W. Pico Blvd., Executive Bldg. 88 Suite 336
    Los Angeles, CA. 90035
    (213) 203-3377
  From (Pete Harlan):
   I just called the number and got someone's answering machine, and it
   wasn't Mr. Chernin's.  I don't have a correct phone number, but this
   one apparently isn't it.
   I did call Fox Broadcasting, and the woman was unable to give me a
   number to call.  She did inform me that Twin Peaks isn't a Fox show. :-)

S6. Address of Nielsen television-rating service --
    John C. Holt, Nielsen Television Research
    P.O. Box 4510, Clearwater, FL  34618-4510

S7. COOP (Citizens Opposing the Offing of Peaks)
    Keith Poston, COOP President
    The Great Northern, 4532 19th St. North, Arlington, Va. 22207
    Michael Caputo, COOP Director
    ("Call/write Keith for starter kits for your local COOP chapter, &
     for a long list of nationally based reporters in the entertain-
     ment field. "Serious inquiries only," he says, since he's footing
     the bill out of his own pocket.")

S8. Iowa Chapter of COOP
    Bob Cappel, President and Chairman

S9. Nationwide COOP bulletin-board system
    open 11pm to 7am CST
    ("Information on how to start a COOP chapter availiable for 

S10. deleted -- a Save Twin Peaks 900 number.