Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Resolved or Cliff-hung, repost
From: (Figl, Antonio)
Date: 1991-06-02, 12:29

	Fellow Twin Peaks lovers, we are finally warming up to the
June 10th final showdown (gosh, it certainly took a lot longer than
I thought!). Since I noticed a feeling of expectation, I decided to
repost my two-week old survey for all those who felt "cold" at that
time. I think it's kind of cool to read through the questions to
prepare for the last episode. 

	Since some of you didn't appreciate the "test" format of it
all, let me make it clear one more time: this is just for fun, enter
if you like, and ignore it if you don't like it. 

	So here are the questions, and above all, HAVE FUN!

I apologize to those of you who wanted a more
complete list of questions. I know, alot of your favorite
ones are missing and my selection process was not easy.
Anyway, I hope that many of you will find the time to
spend a few minutes of your time to reply. Thank you all
in advance!

Also, I promised some prizes, so here they come. If I receive
enough replies I will honor the ten best scorers, if not just
the top five. Since I just got paid I feel like splurging
a little: so the first prize:

	1- One hundred dollars cash!
	2- Fifty dollars cash!
	3-10 (or 3-5) Twin Peaks memorabilia/goodies:
		Julee Cruise CD
		Twin Peaks Soundtrack
		Twin Peaks books
		(you will win the one you prefer, your choice)

Contest rules: I am the sole judge of this, so for this contest
	       you can call me a supreme being. 
	       In case of a tie the prize will be doubled.
	       You obviously can call me names and send me to burn
	       amidst infernal fires if you like.
	       I will determine the scores for each answer.

Also, I decided to weigh the yes/no questions more just to give the
lazier folks a better chance (although I believe that the difference\
will be made by those who will invest some more time in the tougher
*To enter, simply reply BY MAIL to this message, answer the way you want:
*yes/no or explain. If you think that the writers won't answer that
*particular question, simply write "unresolved". Sorry if a few
*questions came out to be ambiguous. Answer those as best as you can.

	Deepest bows of thank yous to:

	Scott L. Vandenberg
	Charles Blair 
	Ann Hodgins
	Barb Miller
	Bill Reeves
	Jim Lester
	Jane Sczechowski
	Jamsheed Hayatghaib
	James Welcher
	Dave Coufal
	Karin Johnson

	Couldn't have done it without your input! (Hi Jan, and welcome back!!)

TOTAL POINTS: 304 +bonus --I will post the results as soon as I can.
	      Entries accepted before June 10th (of course).


-Windom Earle:

1- Did WE kill Carolyn(e) (5)?

2- Why does he dislike Coop so much (7)?

3- Is WE going to kill again (10)? Who (10)?

4- Is the major going to be rescued (6)?


5- Will Leo become normal again (3)?

6- Will he try to stop WE again (7)?

7- Will he succeed (9)?                  

8- How much was he involved in LP's death (3)?


9- Is(or was) Bob a black lodge resident (4)?

10- Has he gained human(I mean solid) form (6)?

11- Why does he need to become human(solid again) anyway (4)?

12- Was Bob in another host after (before) Leland (6)?

13- Are Audrey and Pete going to meet Bob at Pearl Lakes (9)?


14- Why did Josie weigh so little (7)?

15- Was Josie ever possessed (5)?

16- Did she really shoot Coop (5)?

17- Is she going to show up in the last episode(even if just computer animated)?


18- Is the MFAP a white lodge messenger/denizen (7)?

19- What is his message (4)?

20- Where is the Giant from (7)?

21- Why is Coop the only one who can see him (6)?


22- What made Ben turn around in the last episode (10)?

23- Why were the hands shaking in the last episode (10)?

24- Who put the petroglyph in Owl's Cave (3)?

25- Is the petroglyph a map (5)? If so, what does it indicate (5)?

26- What are the owls if they are not what they seem (10)?

27- Who was transmitting "the owls are not what they seem" message (6)?

28- Why is the TP population declining (4)?

29- Who is the hooded figure we have seen briefly (5)?

30- What is the significance of the "three triangles" (radiation) mark (8)?


31- Will Nadine become normal again (4)?

32- Who is the father of Lucy's baby (or: will she choose someone? Who?) (5)?

33- Who will win the Miss Twin Peaks contest (10)?

34- Will that person die (10)?

35- Who is Donna's father (10)?

36- Is the log really "speaking" to Margaret(feel free to elaborate here)?
    (10 +bonus)

37- What is the significance of the object in the black box (10)?

38- Will anybody else  find out that AP(Andrew Packard) is still alive (4)?

39- Will we see any "dead" people make an appearance in the last show? Who?
    (16 total)

40- Is Ben really good now (5)?

41- Why is Mrs. Hayward crippled (9)?

42- Who is going to perish (I mean by Earthling standards) in the finale (10)?


	Ciao, and please have a FUN filled summer