Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TP on Video. A thought.
From: (Patrick Hyland)
Date: 1991-06-02, 08:39

A few weeks ago someone mentioned that the last six episodes of the
first series of TP had been released on videotape in Australia. Since
I missed most of the first series (I only saw episode three), I'd
really like to get my hands on this. Does anyone know more details about
this? Even better, does anyone know more details AND the address of a
video mail-order business in Australia that ships internationally. If
I get any replies by e-mail I'll post the information as a response
to this basenote (with credits). I'm assuming here that Australia uses
the British PAL TV format, as opposed to the American and Japanese NTSC.
Am I right?

I'm probably not the first to do so, but I'd like to suggest that the
demise of TP isn't necessarily a bad thing. Much as I've enjoyed it,
I'd hate to see it go the way of Moonlighting or Miami Vice, which
were wonderful for a season or two, but eventually degenerated into
barely watchable monotony. The only one-hour show which I thought
maintained a consistently high standard over a number of seasons was
Hill Street Blues (which I believe also had some Frost involvement). I'll
miss Twin Peaks, but I'd rather have it gone than garbage.

			Patrick Hyland
			Hewlett Packard Laboratories,
			Bristol, United Kingdom.