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Subject: Re: A couple o' questions
From: (Special Agent Dale Cooper aka The Bob)
Date: 1991-06-03, 21:02

From article <>, by (Graig R Bieler):

> This weekend I rewatched the first two hour movie of TP and
> a couple of questions came to mind. These probably have been discussed
> before, but I have only started to read the group.....
> a). As Cooper and Truman are riding the elevator down to the morgue
> the one-armed man steps out of the elevator on the first floor.
> What was he doing in the hospital?

PM Gerard, the OAM, went to the hospital to visit Dr. Bob Lydecker, the vet
who was treating Waldo the mynah bird. Bob was described by Gerard as
"just about my best friend in the world." Dr. Lydecker is in a coma.

My opinion is that Bob Lydecker is to BOB as PM Gerard is to MIKE. Since Dr.
Lydecker is in a coma, BOB is allowed to run free.

> b). At the end of the movie, James and Donna bury the necklace.
> I believe it is in the next episode that wee see someone take
> the necklace. Who and Why?

We find out in the second season premiere (I think) that it was Dr. Jacoby.
He was out following Leo, and stumbled upon JAmes and Donna, followed them
to the woods, took the neckalce and kept it as a reminder of Laura.

> Thanks for your help!
> Craig

Hey,'re welcome!

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