Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Where Is Diane?
From: (Rocky J Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-06-04, 08:59

> >
> >   As I recall (from Mark Frost's appearance on Donohue before the final
> >episode of Season 1 appeared) it was said that in Season 2 we would see
> >Diane.  Well where is she?  Will we get to see her in the final 2 hour
> >episode?  What is the deal?  I do recall somebody posting a cast list and
> >they had a name for the actress who was hired to play Diane (does anybody
> >remember who that was?).  It would be a shame never to meet Diane.
> >
I've been wondering this too-- of course since all of the shows 
that have been aired including those of last season don't even really
add up to a regular full season of episodes, the "Diane is revealed"
episode is probably lost forever.

Rocky Giovinazzo