Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Twin Peaks
From: Devin_Davidson@tptbbs.UUCP (Devin Davidson)
Date: 1991-06-04, 16:49

Hi all, to my surpirse i found this newsgroup on the bbs today..I'm an avid
peaker, having been there from the start and i have all the episodes on tape
and while reviewing them a few _Hundred_ times i've noticed a few things,
like many unexplored sub-plots i'ld like to see the show take a turn down..

But now, onto the good stuff, Yes, June 10th, the season finially, Bob, your
anti-hero and mine is back, but the question is; Who's mind does he have
under control?  If i remember correctly, the last episode (that being a month
and a half ago ) had the cooper vs. windemearl battle coming to a
head, Audrey lost her virginity , and leo is finnialy starting to come
back to reality..and is trying to escape expect a good one boys
and girls..and have that VCR set to tape...