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Date: 1991-06-05, 10:38

Article #51877 (537:8 is last):
From: keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith E. Bitely)
Subject: Triple Peaks (episode 1)
Reply-To: keb3@po.CWRU.Edu (Keith E. Bitely)
Date: Tue Feb 19 19:06:17 1991
It was a dark and stormy night...
(The scene opens with a pan of one of the spectacular beaches of Lake Erie.
The waves are crashing violently upon the shore, lightning explodes thunder-
ously in the sky.  The camera returns to the beach, looking out on the lake,
where a tidal wave seems to be rolling in)
Cameraman: oh my God!
(coughing, sputtering, and screaming from the cameraman suddenly end as the
wave recedes.  The camera focuses in on a huge mound of plastic.  Going
around to the other side of this mound we see that a body is wrapped inside of
it.  Upon closer inspection we find out it is the body of Shari with all of
her once-glorious RED hair thrown about her face...Fade out...)
Scene II
(We see several people standing around Shari's body.  These include larry,
barb, zen, mike, and keith.  Keith is weeping, for he is very pro-life and
hates to see such things happen)
Keith:  Who would do such a thing?
Zen:  Shaddup!  We doan' need to steenkin' crybabies 'round here!
(Barb has a look of utter disgrace on her face.  She looks around nervously to
see if anyone notices her obvious trembling.  Seeing that nobody is paying
attention to her, she enters her car and puts a tape into the tapeplayer and
begins to listen.  It is the voice of Shari.)
Shari:  Oh, Dr. Wanchisen, I just don't know what to do.  Every night I have
visions of him.  I wake up screaming.  He is so disturbing!  I know it's
because of him that I have become so evil.  I feel as if he is reserving a
place for me in hell.
(Barb shakes her head...)
Barb: Who is this GREG character?!
Scene III
(Mike is sitting on the sofa staring at the wall in his living room.  An image
of Shari passes through his mind.  He starts screaming, loud, violent screams.
Larry walks in with Bruce/Burce in his hand.  A tear is rolling down larry's
Larry:  Mike, are you o.k.?
Mike:  I just miss Shari so much.
Larry:  That's why I'm here.  I want you to have Bruce/Burce, as a reminder.
Mike:  A reminder of what?
Larry:  A reminder of Shari, of course.  She was a special woman.
Mike:  Why would Bruce/Burce remind me of Shari?
Larry:  Don't you know?  Shari is Bruce/Burce's father!
Mike:  What?!  Why you wife stealing &@#$*&$%@*!!!
Larry:  I didn't steal her!  She just donated some sperm!  No!  Mike!  Be
        rational!!  What are you doing?!
(The camera fades out as Mike lunges for Larry's throat)
Scene IV
(Tim is in his office at the local Cleveland Police Department.  A man that
looks vaguely familiar walks into the room.  Tim looks up from his desk and
Tim: that you?
Barb:  Shhh...from now on it's Ben to you.
Tim:  Yeah, sure, Ben...uh...why are you here?
Ben:  I'm here to help you figure out who killed Shari Hills.
Tim:  How do you propose to do that?
Ben:  I have some inside info that leads directly to the killer.  Only there's
        one slight problem.
Tim:  Oh?
Ben:  Yes, the killer isn't human, at least not in the sense of the word.
Tim:  You mean...Larry...
Ben:  No no no...easy mistake, but you're wrong.
Tim:  I see...well, then who was it?
Ben:  Someone who left Triple Peaks a long time ago...
Scene V
(Keith is on the phone with a mysterious woman)
Woman:  So, I've come back to Triple Peaks.
Keith:  Let me get this were almost aborted, but at the last
        minute some infinitely wise Pro-Lifer saved you and so, then you were
        given up for adoption?
Woman:  Yes, exactly.  That's why I had to call you.  I knew that if anybody
        would understand, it would be you.
Keith:  Yes, I definitely you want to tell e wy yu'r here
        though and who you are?
Woman:  Why don't we meet.  How about brunch at Leutner?
Keith:  O.K...Saturday at 11.
Woman:  Perfect.  I knew I could count on you.
Scene VI
Bruce/Burce:  Stop it!  You're killing my mommy!
Mike:  I'll smash him to a bloody pulp if I have to...that'll teach him not
        to sleep with Shari again!
Larry:  I told you!  It wasn't like that!
(In a burst of rage, Bruce/Burce stares at Mike...flames shoot out of
Bruce/Burce's eyes and ingulf Mike.  Mike screams and falls unconscious...
Scene VII
Mike is in a chair.  Shari is in a chair at the opposite end of the room.