Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Disappearing inhabitants
From: (adam huby)
Date: 1991-06-05, 05:49

  Well now that we've finally caught up with the States over here in
Britain (and wasn't that last episode brilliant ?), perhaps someone on
the other side of the pond could clear up something that's puzzling me.

 A few weeks back there were a couple of articles in this group that
mentioned something about the number of inhabitants on the "Twin Peaks"
sign at the town border decreasing. Well, in the version we've seen on
the BBC I'm pretty certain we only ever see this sign in the initial
credits, and it's always the same (52,201 or whatever it is). So is
somebody making this up, or do you get to see this sign more often in the
States ? I suppose one possibility might be that it's shown before
commercial breaks, which we mercifully don't get over here.

    Thanks for any explanation,

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