Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Invitation to love
From: (Steve Rikli)
Date: 1991-06-05, 11:23

In article <> (Magenta) writes:
> >
> >Which makes me realise - the townfolks of Twin Peaks dnot seem to be watching
> >"Invitation to love" anymore.
> >
> >Did it get taken off the air for some reason? :> 
> >
> >What _was_ the significance of ITL anyway ?

The obvious answer, which you've all ready hinted at, is that ITL 
parallels TP, and by discontinuing the former, they've foreshadowed
the cancellation of the latter.  The show that predicts its own death?

Whether that's actually the case, or whether Lynch & Co. were just too
lazy|bored|sloppy|whatever to continue with ITL, we will probably 
never know.

And for that matter, I will be surprised if they actually succeed in
wrapping up all the loose ends in 2 hours w/o totally trashing everything.
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