Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Literary Allusions
From: (Rocky J Giovinazzo)
Date: 1991-06-05, 19:40

In article <> writes:
> >	3. The name "Laura": In the 1944 movie Laura, a girl named Laura is 
> >killed, only to turn up as someone else. Also in the film, the villian's name 
> >is Waldo (!) Lydecker (!!), and a gun is hidden in a clock (!!!). 
	Does the gun-in-a-clock part have relevance that I'm not aware

> >	8. Nadine's one-eye:  Numerous references, too many to list, but 
> >probably the one that applies here is the character on "Days Of Our Lives".
	As a non-daytime-soap watcher, I don't know what this means.  Is
this character similar to Nadine somehow?

> >	13. The reflection in Laura's eye: used on a soap opera in the summer 
> >of 1990, don't know which one.
	Summer of 1990 is _after_ the Twin Peaks episode you're talking
about.  Of course, you realized this.

> >	21. BOB: The name "Bob" is a source of constant commentary. The 
> >recently-published Bob Book characterizes "Bob" as a generally benevolent 
> >guy, although it acknowledges the evil BOB. Among notable BobsI A "Bob" is 
> >thanked on Julee Cruise's Floating Into The Night LP; There is a church of 
> >Bob, a.k.a. the church of the Subgenius; Drugstore Cowboy, which  stars Matt 
> >Dillon as a junkie named Bob, alsofeatures both Heather (Annie) Graham (as 
> >Nadine!!!!!) and Grace Zabriskie (as Bob's mother!!!!!! in its cast, finally, there 
> >is Bob Barker, the game-show host who decided to stop dying his hair and 
> >letting it turn naturally white (!!!!!!!)

	For more details on the many Bobs in movies/tv, see this week's
Entertainment Weekly, in which pictures of Bob Newhart and BOB are
placed side by side (good Bob / bad Bob).

> >	23. Venus and Saturn: The statue (presumably of Venus) and the model 
> >of Saturn in the dream sequence may refer to the myth of Saturn, who killed 
> >his children. However, Venus was the daughter of Jupiter, not Saturn.
	Hmmm... there is the BOB=Saturn=bad god, Leland=Jupiter=good
god, Laura=Venus=daughter of good god analogy.

> >	27. The Bookhouse: Is there some allusion here that I am not aware 
> >of? If anyone has something to add, please elaborate. In the future
	There is something about the Bukus that someone mentioned
earlier-- don't remember exactly what the relationship was.

Rocky Giovinazzo