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Subject: Re: Blue Velvet question
From: kwh+@RI.CMU.EDU (Kevin Hartmann)
Date: 1991-06-06, 14:16
Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,

I'm fairly certain it is (was - sniff!) sung by
Roy Orbison. 

And I'm also fairly certain it's called:
'Candy Colored Clown'

"There's a candy colored clown they call the Sandman..."

In article , (Chuck Machala ) writes:
|> Anyone know the title and author of the song Ben (Dean Stockwell) sings for
|> Frank (In dreams I walk with you.....)? I tried to extract it from the
|> credits but they were too small and blurry on the video I rented. 
|> Thanks in advance, Chuck Machala