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Subject: Re: Blue Velvet question
From: kwh+@RI.CMU.EDU (Kevin Hartmann)
Date: 1991-06-07, 07:15
Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,

In article <>, (Lazlo Nibble) writes:
|> > Anyone know the title and author of the song Ben (Dean Stockwell) sings
|> > for Frank (In dreams I walk with you.....)? 
|> "In Dreams", by Roy Orbison.

Okay, so poular opinion says I'm wrong.  And I'm not even in good
company with my error, since it is Frank who tells his lacky to play 
'Candy Colored Clown' while he pummels Muad D'ib.

I'd like to see Cooper do the Chicken walk.  Annie would love it.