Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: June 10th...finial episode 
From: kwh+@RI.CMU.EDU (Kevin Hartmann)
Date: 1991-06-07, 15:21

In article <>, (Cool Bean) writes:

|> > Unfortunately you'll be remembering the wrong line.  "Fire, walk with me."
|> > As for me, I'll never be able to forget "Wrapped in plastic" and "Sometimes
|> > my arms bend back."  
|> I use 'Aces' and 'He has a poor sense of recreation' a lot.  Though the most
|> memorable for me is 'The owls are not what they seem.'

My friends and I are always using "Good work, Coop!"  with thumbs in air.

I don't think this was ever said, since Cooper is usually
the one giving the complimemt,  but it's fun anyway.

My favorite time that he used it was on Hawk.   He asked Hawk to get a file
for him.   When Hawk did so,  Coop said, "Good work, Hawk!"

It doesn't take much to please Cooper.