Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: Re: Prisoner v. Twin Peaks
Date: 1991-06-07, 03:43

In article  appel@xcf.Berkeley.EDU (Shannon D. Appel) writes:
> >The Prisoner newsgroup, on a show almost two decades old has been getting
> >more traffic all day than the Twin Peaks newsgroup.  What does this
> >tell us about longevity, boy and girls?

     It's still pretty inactive, as newsgroups go.
seems to average about a post a day.  (At my site, 14 posts have
been received in the last 10 days.)
     Hmm...  Let's see, to make things interesting, how about a
poll?  List your favorite episodes, in order.  I'll assign 17 points
for every first place vote, 16 points for every second place vote,
and so on, and we'll see which episodes do the best.  For reference,
here is a list of the episodes:

	Free for All
	Dance of the Dead
	Chimes of Big Ben
	The General
	A, B, & C
	The Schizoid Man
	Many Happy Returns
	It's Your Funeral
	Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling
	Living in Harmony
	A Change of Mind
	Hammer into Anvil
	The Girl who was Death
	Once Upon a Time
	Fall Out
We'll ignore the "Alternate" versions of "Chimes of Big Ben" and
"Arrival."  We'll fight the urge to ignore "Do Not Forsake...," and
we'll give it its one point for everybody who votes.  :-)