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Subject: Re: Blue Velvet question
From: (steven.r.marcovici)
Date: 1991-06-08, 11:30
Newsgroups: alt.cult-movies,

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> >Anyone know the title and author of the song Ben (Dean Stockwell) sings for
> >Frank (In dreams I walk with you.....)? I tried to extract it from the
> >credits but they were too small and blurry on the video I rented.
> >Thanks in advance, Chuck Machala

The song is "In Dreams", written by Roy Orbison.
The version used in the film was sung by Roy, re-recorded in 1987 
(and co-produced by David Lynch, w/ Orbison and T-Bone Burnett).
This recording, along with 18 other Orbison classics re-recorded in 1985, 
is available on "In Dreams: The Greatest Hits" (Virgin 2-90604).
Highly recommended.

-Steve Marcovici  AT&T Bell Laboratories  Liberty Corner