Twin Peaks Usenet Archive

Subject: TPTP=TwoParseTwinPeaks
From: (Lars Flesner Kristiansen)
Date: 1991-06-09, 10:23

In denmark the ending's gonna be send in two parts by request of David
Lynch. The National TV1 planned to send the final as double but Lynch
asked them to do it in a two-parse. So we're seeing the episode
directed by Tim Hunter on this coming Thursday and the Lynch/Frost
episode next Thursday. How come you guys in the states don't do the

The TV1 also said that Lynch were trying to get some European TV
stations to take over where ABC so poorly has let us all down and that
they were more than interested in bying a new run of our favorite
series if Lynch had success in his try.
TV1 also stated that Twin-Peaks had a 15% viewing rate in Denmark and
the station were satisfied with that. Hip Hurra for the minority!

Thanks to all the people posting here and letting us inside *their*
view on the most important thing, this side of the world.
c u all in the shadows.............

Lars Flesner --- -- Aalborg University.